-Heading West

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Virginia Tech finds us everywhere!

Gee, can you tell we are not far from Virginia Tech? We have left the Caolinas and the beaches and are heading west.....well kind of in an indirect way.

Just interesting old cabin

We went bluberry picking.....with friends in Grayson Highlands State Park, Va.......

and yes, I ate too many!

hehehehe.....caught Bill in the act. but those blueberries were yummy.

Bill and Dick.....working?

There were wild ponies wandering parts of the park. This mare was scouring a campers leftovers in the fireplace.

And a friendly colt

None of them appeared afraid. Mostly they ignored us. Marion and me.

Dick sitting on a 'bald' overlookiing southwest Virginia. Definitely looks like the 'Smokies'

The hills of NC/TN

Mornings were foggy and cold! 40....that is cold after summer beach time!

One little corner of a long cascade of falls. Had it been warmer, I would have been tempted......to take a dip.

Marion in her yoga moment.

Lots of pretty flowers....cosmos here.

They liked the cool and damp evidently.

We saw the most interesting fungi.....

this one looked like a sponge

and no idea what this was.....neat color tho

Tnis one was strange. Just like a picture. The top was slick and hard like plastic.

This one looks like a flower

Another picture perfect....where is the little elf to sit under it?

Another neat fungus. It was all spikey.

No didn't try to eat these.....no idea what they were.

It looked so soft.

Here it looks like snow.........

but they were these little things

angelica as it matures...we saw it on roan mt

After Virginia Mts we headed west.......Downtown Memphis