-Summer 09...That means BEACH TIME!

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WEll, it is summer....that means Carolina beaches here we come. Here's Jen heading east. Talk about first class.....she's wandering the web as we zoom around the country.

First stop was Indiana for my 64th birthday cake. 64? so I am told. oh my.

Hey that's me. Birthday girl.

Time for cake...brother jim, wife jo in background.

We took a rare adventure into Chicago.....this is The Bean .....have you seen it? Great fun.

The Gang.....Jim, Jo, Sherry, Wally, Susie, Dick, Me...reflected in the bean.

I remember this fountain from when i was a kid. Here is brother Jim and sister in law, Jo overlooking the city skyline.

The warm beach, Yea! That means Carolinas. North Carolina this time.

Jen tried the surfing. Not super, but still fun.

and she is modeling Peter's new shirt. Hope he likes it.

Off she goes.

and these were little waves.



Sure looks fun, but difficult too.

it's like super boogie boarding. Now that i could do, but these are little waves.

Rest time. Hard work. Look at those poor knees.


Dick, about as wet as he gets.

One of Dick's official jobs....umbrella holder.

Tired. But hey, he doesn't swim! Why is he tired?

Great hair-do

Oh now this is the best. and great hair.

We moved on south to Topsail Beach, again camping just over the dunes. Nice.

We spent time just looking at shells


More Jen

Jen at the beach. Yea!

Lots of sea oats and sunsets.

Oh yes, my kids love sunsets and we have bunches.