-Tent Rocks

Tent Rock National Memorial just north of Albuquerque down a long dirt road.

Hey. A slot canyon. Fun.

Hey. Come on. Of course we are going up this.

At least we don't have any 6' rock falls to clamber up.

Well, so far.

Oh, glad we weren't around when that fell. And yes, we went under it. Better than over!

Look. Clemson flowers. Purple and Orange.

Weird Rocks.

Layers and layers.

Dick had to stop and fix his boot.

Every corner

brought more

interesting visas.

These were at the head of the canyon.

The layers were caused by volcanic ash.

You can see how tall these cones are.....see the people down in the bottom?

Albuquerque is way

out there.

Tent Rocks National Monument, NM