A b o u t  U s 



C o n t a c t  U s

retinex.com is  independently owned and operated.

Inquiries can be made to Webmaster@retinex.com

or mail to:

Dick Thomas

6023 Lanai Lane

Tega Cay, SC 29708-9320

  O u r  M i s s i o n

To provide an alternate low cost service to small to medium users of the web by using
in house equipment to help control the cost and usefulness of company servers.

As our name implies, we hope to use new alternate ideas to make it all come together.
(retinex is an alternate theory of human color perception that has a lot of merit even though it is not popular with color physicist - My approach to file serving is not popular with those who would over control the information revolution)

O u r  H i s t o r y

We just are. I started the company because I couldn't find what I wanted. Ease of use without all that glitz.

Not much of a history. We are a fresh new independent presence.

We are using Mac OSX 10.3.3 and WebStar 5.3 to make this one of the fastest, most secure web servers in existence. It offers a wide range of web related services including email, data bases, custom Web sites, and more.

Versatility with cross platform compatibility are important features.