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pointedeyecalc® - some useful calculations for Flexographic Printing. These are sample programs to show that it is possible to calculate many things using your web browser if it is JavaScript enabled. Graphic Services will be offering a completely integrated job cost estimation calculator using RPN technology for use by the Flexible Packaging Industry.

If you have a need for a customized program that will handle your needs better than the programs that are now available to you, please send me an email atwebmaster@pointedeye.comstating your wants and needs .

Meanwhile, have fun with these, they are for use in the United States due to the mixed measurements. For those of you in the rest of the world, please bear with it, I could make this all metric for you.

By the way, the calculations are performed by your browser, not by the server. Save this page and use it off line if you want.

enter a number in either blank, when you press tab this program will calculate the value of the other. For percent entries, use decimals(100% = 1, 50% = .5 etc.)

Ink Film on Anilox Roll

anilox volume to ink film thickness and/or back

ink film thickness on anilox


anilox volume in BCM/

(B cu. µ/sq. in.)

convert microns to mils (1/1000 inch)

Mils to microns and back again converter

ink on anilox



volume of ink per 1000 square feet of print (assuming a 45% Transfer)

Mils(thickness) to cubic feet(volume)

per 1Ksquare feet of printed substrate (100%) coverage
cubic feet/1K sq.ft of print

gallons per 3000square feet of print (enter cu.ft.from above):

gallons per ream

cubic feet to gallons and back again converter

on printed web

cubic feet (1 K sq.ft.of print)
gallons per ream

gallons to pounds and back again converter

enter weight per gallon of ink: 

percent coverage of ink on web:
gallons per ream
pounds per ream on print (wet)

Wet pounds to dry pounds and back

enter wet pounds per ream: 

enter percent solids of ink :
pounds per ream on print (dry)

specific gravity to pounds per gal.

specific gravity to lbs/gal and back again converter

The above calculators do not include an error checking routine. They assume a 45% transfer of ink from the anilox to the substrate. They are demo programs only and should be used with caution. The end results could contain as much as a 30% error with some inking systems and inks. The use weights stated are for "wet" ink. The dried ink film on the substrate will depend on the total solids of the ink as applied. Yes this would be a lot easier if we stayed metric all the time, but nobody in the US would have anilox volumes measured that way and they are charged for their ink by the pound.

The above calculators are copyrighted property of and The Pointed Eye®

They are for limited personal use only, do not copy and/or distribute without prior written permission from the author, Richard D. Thomas. The author can be contacted by email at:

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